Pulp Machine

We manufacture a wide range of quality Pulp Machine. This machine is highly flexible and requires minimal maintenance. which is a multipurpose machine. It consists of one stock for tangential feeding. It improves the workability of the machines.

  • Processing Plants for annuals
  • Bagasse Moist Depithing System
  • Bagasse Wet Cleaning System
  • Straw Preparation System
  • digester Feed Systems
  • Twin Wire Presses & Screw Press for Pulp dewatering
  • Recycled Paper Handling
  • Loose Waste Paper Conveyors
  • Waste Paper Bale Conveyors
  • Bale Breakers
  • Batch Pulper Feed System
Specifications :-
  • Capacity : 20 kg to 500 kg
  • Power : 1-10 HP motor

Stock Preparation

Pulpers High Consistency
Low Consistency

'D' Type

Coarse Cleaning High Consistency Cleaners
Low Consistency Cleaners
Coarse Screening Turbo Separators
3 F Screen
Johnson Screen
Vibro Screens
Fine Screening Pressure Screen
(Hole Type Baskiet)
Pressure Screen
(Slot Type Basket)
Thickeners Gravity Thickeners
Gravity Drum Thickeners
Screw Press
Pulp Storage Tower Agitators
Chest Agitators
De-inking System
Hot disperser System

Equipment Of Pulp Section:-
  • Conveyors, Bale Breaker, Moist Depithor
  • Caustic Lye, Tankers, Lye Mixers, Potcher Washer
  • Pumps, Disc Refiner, Decker Thickener, B2 Thickener
  • Centrifugal Screens, Cowan Screens, HD Cleaners
  • Johnson Screen, Centri Cleaner, Rag Choppers
  • Chest Agitator, Pulper, digestor
  • Blow-Tank, Turbo Seperator, Beater, 3 F-Screen

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